Dott. Paolo Arrigoni

Dr. Paolo Arrigoni

Born in Milan 30/12/1976.

Graduated at State University of Milan-Bicocca 17/7/2001
Registered in the Register of Physicians Surgeons and Dentists of Milan since 2002
Specialist in Orthopedics and Traumatology 11/2007 – The State University of Milan

Current Position: 1st level executive at the Orthopedic Institute of Gaetano Pini

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Why choose me?

A doctor-patient relationship must be based on confidence and trust. It is never just a professional relationship but stems from a more personal one. This is why my patients will always be people with names first, and not just a medical record number.

In order to best respond to the needs of my patients, I’ve found that the key is competence. So I decided right from university to invest a lot of my time into training. Even now I continue to study, work and participate in congresses in order to keep up with the latest developments in medicine and the newest surgical techniques. I learned from many lead surgeons in Italy and abroad, including in the United States and England, where I lived while completing my fellowships, which are the training experiences necessary to become a highly trained doctor.

To Dr. Randelli, Dr. Burkard, Dr. O’Driscoll, Dr. Garcia Elias, Dr. Helfet, Dr. Kamineni along with all the others who have helped me grow, I give you my unconditional gratitude. I worked with many of them, continuing my work, studying new techniques and publishing articles in main international journals: in 2010 in Edinburgh, at the International Congress of Should and Elbow Surgery (ICSES). I was the co-author of a work that won the Fukuda prize, the world’s highest award on the use of PRP (platelet-rich plasma) in the repair of arthroscopic shoulder tendons.

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